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Join me in navigating the high seas, where each wave tells a story of commitment, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of excellence.

Discover the story woven into my journey.

As we set sail through these digital waters, I aim to share the artistry behind every voyage, whether commanding luxury yachts or overseeing major refits. Each endeavour is not merely a professional accomplishment but a testament to a personal dedication to the sea.

Brands I'm familiar with


Brands I'm familiar with


Brands I'm familiar with

Stabilizers, Propulsion Drives, Firewall Control, Gearbox & Others

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Craftsmanship is not just a skill—it's a way of life.

With over a decade at the helm of luxury yachts & commercial vessels, I bring a wealth of experience in both new build and major refit projects. My management style ensures that each project, from conception to execution, is guided by an unwavering commitment to delivering not just functional vessels but floating masterpieces.

Navigating Excellence

11+ Years Across Global Waters

Embarking on a voyage defined by over a decade of seafaring expertise, I am Dinuka De Silva—a nautical engineer seamlessly blending technical prowess, innovation, and a profound love for the open sea.

Maritime Leader

Navigating the Intricate Seas of Engineering & Yacht Management

Guardian at Sea

A Vigilant Guardian at Sea, Prioritizing Safety Above All.

Technical Mastery

Crafting the Layers of Marine Engineering, with Reliability

Innovation Advocate

Passionately Advocating for Multifaceted Progress

Sailing Beyond Limits

A Decade of Maritime Marvels

What defines me goes beyond the technicalities of my role. It's an unwavering commitment to precision, an innate drive for innovation, and an insatiable quest for excellence. I believe in turning every challenge into an opportunity for improvement, ensuring that every vessel I touch sails not just smoothly but with a touch of maritime magic.


Voices of Trust in Sailor's Stories

In these testimonials, friends and fellow sailors illuminate the warmth, camaraderie, and expertise that define my maritime journey.

These testimonials go beyond professional endorsements; as they try to paint a vivid picture of a personable Chief Engineer who not only steers ships but fosters a sense of camaraderie on board. Download My CV


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Insights, anecdotes, and reflections from a life dedicated to mastering the high seas. Join in the exploration of maritime wonders, industry trends, and personal narratives that go beyond the waves.

My Maritime Expertise

In the vast realm of maritime endeavors, I unveil my expertise as a seasoned professional, blending technical mastery with a passion for innovation, safety, & precision.

years at Sea

Embarking on a maritime journey over 11 years, each wave and every voyage has shaped my profound understanding and commitment to the sea.

Luxury Voyages

Curating an opulent collection of 12+ luxury tours, each meticulously designed to elevate the maritime experience into a realm of unparalleled sophistication and indulgence.

Nautical Miles

With a logbook that echoes the tales of over 100,000 nautical miles, each voyage contributes to a rich narrative of maritime adventures.

Refits & Transformations

Highlighting a portfolio of 5+ major refits, each a testament to my commitment to elevating vessels to new heights of functionality, aesthetics, and cutting-edge maritime technology.